Sand Art Hair is Inspired by the Colorful Art Created as Kids

 - Jun 17, 2015
References: mymodernmet
The latest beauty fad to hit social media platforms and salons alike has been dubbed Sand Art Hair. Inspired by the art we used to create as children using colorful grains of sand, women have been creating incredible rainbow locks that turn them into magical creatures in place of the humans they truly are.

Working particularly well with longer locks, the Sand Art Hair fad is vibrant and psychedelic. My Modern Met notes, "It's thanks to new hair products like Pravana's ChromaSilk Vivids that allow these young women to dye their gorgeous manes wild colors without the extra worry of messing up the shade or tone. In the end, these women have a prismatic head of hair, perfect for summer fun." It's going to be an exceptionally colorful summer this year.