VitaMeal Tempts Children with Coolness

 - Jan 10, 2009
References: irinaivanova & blog.2modern
VitaMeal makes healthy snacks for children and they couldn’t have picked a better designer than Irina Ivanova to create the cool packaging and futuristic vending machines you see in the gallery. If health food companies wish to compete in marketing their products to children (which will then help in the fight against child obesity), they need to entice kids with cool packaging just as producers of junk food do. 

The VitaMeal snacks and drink packages feature ultra-chic fashionistas, monsters and other fun cartoonish figures that are sure to have children saying, "Mom and Dad, can I have some Wasabi Peas and a Cherry H20? Please?"

Not only are the VitaMeal packages adorably cute but their vending machines are totally futuristic and will be fun to use. VitaMeal vending machines have a card reader that greets customers when a child inserts their nifty little Vita-Smart Card into it, and it verifies orders too. 

The Vita-Smart Cards are like a credit card and they come with smart chips so parents can regulate what foods their child is or isn’t allowed to buy. Sorry kids, no more sneaking.

I hope more health food companies join in the quest to make their packaging appeal to younger children too.  It may take them awhile to build a good consumer base but I definitely think the potential for success is strong.