From 8-Bit Cartoon Packaging to Nostalgic Ninja Journals

 - Aug 8, 2013
Marketing to children requires more than just providing a fun and playful item, which is why these clever child-targeted products are utilizing such aspects as color and cartoonish imagery to draw in that youthful audience.

Parents are often persuaded by their children to purchase specific items that catch their eye, and these cleverly designed products have all been outfitted with inventive marketing techniques that will surely capture a child's attention. Featuring such designs as adorable cartoon characters, nostalgic children's TV shows and vividly fluorescent colors, these child-targeted products will definitely serve to stand out amongst the more mundane and ordinary items.

From snack packages that can creatively transform into adorable animal shapes to candy containers that are humorously personified into characters, these child-targeted products will definitely have children begging to take them home.