Stafidenios Raisins Boxes Become Toys When the Treats Have Depleated

 - Sep 6, 2012
References: matadog & thedieline
For parents who provide food as one tactic to entertain restless children, Stafidenios Raisins packaging happily delivers the promise of continued distraction, thanks to the activity incorporated into the design.

Every small box of sultanas has a friendly cartoon face on the front and a line of delightfully inflated text. The fun begins when you open up the carton to empty its contents -- you'll discover that there's something special inside.

Matadog Design decorated the interior of Stafidenios Raisins packaging as well as the exterior, and in addition to applying ink to the card, extra bits of box have been folded in. Completely disassembling each little carton will reveal the playful puzzle at hand, which is the origami-style reconstruction of the container to create a cat, a dog, a kangaroo or another exciting animal.