Deli Garage Filler Packaging Aids to Animate Your Food Prep Process

 - Feb 13, 2013
References: & thedieline
The use of cartoons to establish brand identity is often successful amongst child and adult consumers alike. Now tell me you aren't tempted by Deli Garage Filler packaging, even though you might not yet be certain of its contents?

These adorable plastic containers are brought to life with little illustrated images of busy construction workers, accomplishing a range of breakfast- and lunch-related tasks. One chainsaws his loaf of bread into slices while another empties a cement mixer with a spoon. These activities suggest the fun and control one can have in assembling the perfect snack.

Open the lid of Deli Garage Filler packaging and you'll find a piece of card with four serrated sides. Korefe's concept invites the consumer to spread his chocolate and creamy toast-toppers with different patterns that resemble poured concrete.