The Fizzy Lizzy Packaging is Carefree and Playful

 - Jan 4, 2012
References: jjaakk & packagingoftheworld
The all-natural carbonated juice company Fizzy Lizzy turned to the creative minds at JJAAKK Design to create a fresh new look for the company. Fizzy Lizzy produces drinks that are comprised of natural fruit juices and carbonated water, believing that "bubbles and fruit are all you need," according to the company website. Taking the mantra of Fizzy Lizzy to heart, the artists at JJAAKK Design focused on creating fun and exciting packaging using stylized representations of bubbles and fruit.

The vibrant color scheme and bold typography will delight children and entertain adults. Avoiding the painfully childlike styling of other fruit juices, Fizzy Lizzy successfully portrays itself with a touch more sophistication than many of its sugary rivals. No adult will feel a touch of shame bringing these smooth, glass soda bottles to their lips. Outfitted with a cardboard carrying case, these vivacious bottles of soda are set to move.

Sweet and playful with a splash of maturity, Fizzy Lizzy is the perfect beverage for young at heart adults.