Katya Gridneva Renders Dancers as They Prepare for Performances

 - Aug 9, 2012
References: artistsofrussia & cuded
Many artists opt to depict ballerinas amid their performances thinking it will yield more visually flattering results, but as Katya Gridneva demonstrates, it’s the artist and not the subject that needs to be skilled. Using myriad media such as oils, pastels, charcoal and more, Gridneva illustrates stunning images of dancers as they candidly prepare themselves. Females tying shoes and lounging about have never looked more interesting than in Gridneva’s masterpieces.

What I especially admire about Katya Gridneva’s work is that it has an impressionistic feel despite being visually detailed and clean. She also uses her canvases well, blending background colors into apparel seamlessly and in some cases having it act as shadows and value. I can literally look at her figurative drawings for hours on end and find something new each time I review them.