The Bride in These Paintings Looks as Graceful as a Ballerina

 - Jun 4, 2013
References: & sweet-station
These extrodinary paintings by artist Rob Hefferan depict a bride who is as graceful as a ballerina. These stunning paintings seem to capture a couple on their wedding day. The man is wearing a black tuxedo and the woman is wearing a satin white dress.

In these elegant oil paintings, the focus seems to be the beautiful bride. This woman has perfect poise and grace. In a few photos, she elegantly stretches an arm out above her head, the way a ballerina would. In another of these romantic paintings, the bride leans back against the groom, his hands are on her waist and her arm is stretching back toward his neck. It looks as though he could be getting ready to lift her delicate frame into the air.

These lovely oil paintings are visually stunning and extremely romantic. It's amazing how effortlessly Hefferan can portray traits like elegance and grace in his paintings.