- Jan 31, 2014
These fierce feathered fashions are a reminder that being in style doesn't only mean glitz and glitter.

From feathery tribal-inspired photo shoots and sultry burlesque editorials to shawls that feature a feather print and hippie music festival fashion, feather detailing seems to be influencing everything in fashion. Feathers are also a DIY-friendly item as you can stick them onto hats, headpieces and even in your hair for a quick and easy new look. The best thing about the fuzzy little accessory is how versatile it can be, creating a glamorous look when added to burlesque styling or a bohemian one with loose skirts and fringed pieces.

Check out these fierce feathered fashions for some ideas on how to instantly change your wardrobe whether it be glam or hippie.

From Sultry Burlesque Series to Tribal Goddess Photo Shoots: