Artist Meghan Howland Infuses Her Haunting Paintings with Flighty Birds

 - Jun 4, 2013
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Soaring through the canvas and distorting the otherwise pristine portraits, the birds present throughout the painting series by artist Meghan Howland have an apparition-like appearance to them.

So surreal and stunning, the birds form a frame for the people portrayed in the paintings, while simultaneously concealing them mysteriously behind curtains of colored feathers. These flighty fowl infuse the canvas with bursts of color, serving as contrast to the pale flesh and neutral hair tones of the human figures. The elegance and grace of the birds as they dance through the air in their weightless way, imbibes the portraits with an ornate symphony of movement and mystique that is both dark and drawing.

Artist Meghan Howland enchants the viewer with her choice to include avian accompaniment to her painted portrait series.