Henry Leutwyler's Skateboards Depict Grace and Grit

Photographer Henry Leutwyler has built his career capturing the pain and passion of New York City ballerinas. One of his most telling shots of Megan LeCrone's feet have been imposed onto two limited edition skateboards. The first edition depicts a fairly traditional image of a ballerina's foot, concealed by a pointe shoe. The second more telling photograph reveals the bare, bloodied and bandaged foot of the ballerina.

The decks draw parallels between the art of dance and skateboarding, making a statement about the toughness and dedication required for each activity. Leutwyler notes that both share "passion, grit, and blood" -- a sound reminder for aspiring artists and athletes that nothing comes without hard work.

The limited edition skate decks are available for purchase on Leutwyler's website for $175 individually or as a pair for $300.