The Illumigami is an Office Lighting System That Values Efficiency

 - Jun 5, 2015
References: viget & yankodesign
Digital design firm Viget Labs has developed the 'Illumigami,' an office lighting system that's designed to organize, streamline and productionize.

The feeling of running around looking for a last-minute meeting space at the office is a familiar one for anyone who has worked the nine-to-five daily grind. The Illumigami is a delicate, origami-shaped lantern that hangs outside of conference rooms and changes colors to indicate whether or not the rooms are available.

Best of all, the Illumigami office lighting system is synced to Google Resource Calendar, and automatically updates the status of these conference rooms. Taking the guess-work out of finding a spot to meet will save time and confusion in the office, allowing people to stay on-task.