Eco-Made's Eco-Amp Boosts the Sound Quality of Mobile Devices

 - Jan 15, 2016
References: eco-made
The eco-amp by eco-made is a sustainable smartphone amplifier that is made from recycled paper. Resembling an origami cone, the product is attached to a mobile device with a handy, built-in sleeve to boost overall sound quality. Currently, the product is designed to fit most iPhone models and is crafted to slip over phone cases seamlessly.

More affordable than the traditional smartphone speaker dock, the eco-amp is both sustainable and customizable. This product is available in an array of fun designs like seaweed, tree and abstract art prints and is compact, making it ideal for outdoor barbecues, beach days or other excursions that call for a light luggage load.

Requiring no cords or batteries, this smartphone amplifier is a clever way to improve the sound quality of one's mobile device.