These Miniature Lapel Pin to Shirts to Incorporate Greenery With Fashion

 - Apr 20, 2016
References: wearableplanter
The Wearable Planter allows consumers to incorporate greenery into their fashions thanks to a miniature wearable pot that can be attached to garments. Despite the pot's small size, it can house miniature succulents, allowing the plants to grow and sustain life while simultaneously being worn on a daily basis. The design combines the simplicity of wearable fashion, technology and nature to create a piece that is stylish while focusing on the environment.

The tiny planters are made from 3D-printed acrylic shaped into teardrop vases that are painted in bright colors. The vases are attached to either a magnet or a pin to be worn on blazers, shirts or jackets. Consumers are instructed to fill the vase up with a small amount of soil and a little succulent.