Kristyna Pojerova Cultivates Herbs in Her Own Kitchen

 - Oct 13, 2011
References: & mymodernmet
If you enjoy gardening and fresh herbs, then you'll find the greenhouse by Czech designer Kristyna Pojerova a true wonder. This eco-friendly, mini-gardening tool was created to encourage the grow of plants in the comfort of one's own kitchen. This practical design is perfect for urban areas affected by extreme weather conditions.

Pojerova's glasshouse was developed to be portable, convenient and eco-friendly. By simply mounting it on a lightbulb, this glass structure takes advantage of the excess heat to recreate the adequate climate to cultivate herbs. It has four holes to keep it ventilated, and one large one in the center that is located at the bottom to allow for easy manipulation of the greens.

Kristyna Pojerova found a way to bring the best of the garden inside the coziness of the home.