Cho-Mini Bonsai are Made with Cramped Spaces in Mind

 - May 21, 2014
References: thisiscolossal
The art of bonsai plants is something that has evolved over time, resulting in the Cho-Mini Bonsai. Also known as ultra small bonsai, it is a series of plants that are no bigger than a coin, measuring about three centimeters in height. They were created with cramped Japanese homes in mind. Although a common practice in many Asian communities, caring for bonsai has suffered as populations rise. Cho-Mini Bonsai is a cute solution.

A growing fad in many cities, Cho-Mini Bonsai even come with adorable planters that mimic the larger porcelain kawaii pots other parts of the world are familiar with. Tiny gardening supplies and mini display shelves are also available for Cho-Mini Bonsai fanatics. The traditional art form is sure to thrive thanks to this fad. People can even have more than one.