The Rake 'n' Tamp Makes Working with Yard Mess a Lot More Efficient

 - Oct 6, 2013
References: quirky
There are so many problems with the common leaf rake that it's surprising that few successful attempts have been made to improve upon it. The Rake 'n' Tamp is a rare example that really does help streamline your landscaping duties.

The yard work utensil has nice long tines of stainless steel that are slender and stiff and capable of catching and trapping a great deal of fallen foliage with each stroke. Trap a clump of dead leaves on them with your free hand and transfer everything into your biodegradable sack. Just push out the sliding locking component to comb any stragglers off. Finally, use the same piece of the Rake 'n' Tamp to compress those organic scraps down to fit as much as you can in the bag.