The Starbucks Seedpod by Freddie Jordan Shows Sustainable Future

 - Dec 18, 2013
References: yankodesign
The Starbucks Seedpod is a design concept that revolves around the coffee chain's sustainable policy. Envisioning what that policy might entail in 2025, the Starbucks Seedpod was born. It is essentially a sci-fi looking tray of pointy pods that contain free seeds. These seeds are meant to be planted in the local community.

A form of guerilla gardening, the Starbucks Seedpod is not just set on any old tray. It is actually an interactive dock that is able to access a map of the local community. As written on Yanko Design, "On this map users are able to update where they have been using their ‘SeedPods’ and discuss areas in need of redevelopment."

Designed by Freddie Jordan, the Starbucks Seedpod may not only inspire the coffee company, but also others.