Beethoven Potting Bench is a Work Surface for Landscaping Enthusiasts

Gardeners are working on their hands and knees quite enough, so having something like the Beethoven Potting Bench set up at the side of the house is the ideal work surface for tasks that do not involve dealing directly with ground-bound dirt.

A designer for Flora, Michael Koenig developed this delightful outdoor desk as the perfect place for landscapers to organize new plants from the nursery, maintain blossoms in flower pots and more. It has been assembled with a countertop at the perfect standing height, complete with an upper and a lower shelf for temporary and longer term storage.

All horizontal surfaces are lined with durable and slip-resistant aluminum chequer plate while the rest of the piece is made from powder coated zinc-plated sheet metal. The Beethoven Potting Bench even comes with a matching stool that doubles as a portable toolbox.