Kerby Rosanes Creates Little Worlds in His Illustrations

 - Nov 17, 2013
Illustrator Kerby Rosanes—based in the Philippines—created little worlds in his moleskin doodles. What appears to be one character or object, at a closer glance is actually a bunch of little characters combined. Artists like Rosane prove that doodling in your down time can be extremely artistic and creative.

Rosanes has done a variety of moleskin doodles where he begins with one basic image like a lion or a ship then as he draws the mane, the waves or the background, he incorporates little characters into the shape. In each of the waves there are little fish and birds disguised as they swim in the direction of the waves

These moleskin doodles must have taken a lot of time and precision. Each little character or object looks unique and customized and the end result is an artwork that is inspirational and innovative.