'Other People's Clothes' Puts Caleb Cole in the Shoes of Strangers

 - Nov 17, 2013
References: calebcolephoto
'Other People's Clothes' is a unique photography series by Caleb Cole where he dresses in the outfits of strangers. He takes on their roles and overtakes their situations at a moment in time. Whether he's perusing his collection of history books, reading all alone in his play room, or modelling his new lingerie outfit in the mirror, he captures himself in these unusual situations.

The photo series is so intuitive and creative. It speaks to the idea of being more personal and empathetic toward the people we come across every day. Instead of judging at first glance, we should imagine ourselves in their position. The series might also speak to the photographer's confusion of identity or his struggle to figure it out.

Whatever one might perceive to be the message of Other People's Clothes, the series is certainly innovative and the concept is very unique.