Sara Phillips and Neil DeCosta's Astronaut Photography is Morbid

 - Feb 14, 2013
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Art director Sara Phillips and Neil DeCosta's astronaut photography series is morbid and inexplicably amusing. The photo series titled 'Astronaut Suicides' was spawned from the pair's obsession with what happens to astronauts after their programs are closed. This inquiry was directly linked to NASA's shuttle program that officially closed after Atlantis touched down.

The witty and wacky series essentially places people dressed in full astronaut regalia in suicidal situations. The theme is disturbing, but you cannot help take a second glance at each shot. Fantastic shots include a photograph of a death by asphyxiation scenario, a drug and alcohol induced death and gruesome shots of astronauts who have slit their wrists or stuck their head in the oven Sylvia Plath styles.

The morbid astronaut photography by Neil DeCosta and Sara Phillips is disturbing and intriguing.