Landscapes by Mark Bramley Depicts a Mastery of Light

 - Feb 9, 2013
References: markbramley & itsnicethat
The photo series succinctly titled Landscapes by Mark Bramley, a photographer based in the United Kingdom, is of epic proportions. It doesn't matter if it depicts a surreal open road or the graceful curves of an airplane, the images are breathtaking. The series particularly demonstrates the photographer's mastery of light. Whether he captures illuminated billboards or the mysterious glow of the sky, he manages to portray a sense of magic.

Landscapes by Mark Bramley may be a highly polished series, but there is a vulnerability to each image that gives it a humanistic appeal. The lonely landscapes are picturesque, but it brings to mind the concept of abandonment. Of course, others will simply see the purity of nature, even amidst manmade structures.