Italo Fontana Crafts Luxury Transport with U-Boat's 'Venenum'

 - Apr 28, 2013
References: luxuryes
U-Boat is a world-renowned watch brand that is known for its bold-faced, machismo-filled timepieces, and so it only makes sense that Dino Romano and designer Italo Fontana teamed up to make this incredibly customized motorcycle for U-Boat called the Venenum.

For many years now, U-Boat has been a well-trusted designer watch manufacturing company that fashion and luxury lovers have turned to in order to don their sleek and shiny designs. Dino Ramano is a famous Special Triumph motorcycle designer, and so his working with Italo Fontana is a natural choice for this watch brand that has built its reputation by crafting only the finest, handmade pieces.

The Venenum is made in Tuscany and comes equipped with a three cylinder, 160 horse power engine. With only 100 units made to date, you'd be smart to get your hands on one of these custom-built vehicles while you can.