The Fiat 500 Refrigerator is a Souped-Up Cooler

Perfect for the car enthusiast without a garage cooler, the Fiat 500 Refrigerator keeps beverages as cool as it looks.

This ice cold refrigerator is constructed out of an original and iconic Fiat 500 front end with the engine being replaced with a icebox under the bonnet. This intricately designed fridge is equipped with a net capacity of 100 liters in addition to the three removable bottle holders and glass shelf. The detailing on this refrigerator was definitely not ignored during manufacturing; even the headlights posses a purpose with the ability to be turned on and off via switch. Fiat 500 designs are not unusual sights to see, but this is the most useful.

The Fiat 500 Refrigerator is a cool accessory that will add a little fun and vintage flair to any surrounding.