The Floppy Table by Neulant Van Exel is a Tribute to Obsolete Furniture

 - Nov 28, 2012
References: floppytable & core77
The Floppy Table is a fun tribute to obsolete technology, in this case the classic disk storage medium. Modeled almost to a tee after an actual floppy dish, the Floppy Table has every detail down pat, from the sliding metal shutter to the squared indents and even the arrow directing people to the end goes in first. The only main differences are the Floppy Table's size, the addition of four legs and, of course, the missing mechanics inside.

Designed by Neulant Van Exel, which is run by a Berlin-based design duo (specifically an architect and sculptor), the Floppy Table does conceal something. The metal shutter moves to reveal a hidden storage perfect for remote controls. The Floppy Table is made out of hot-rolled steel and stainless steel.