- Sep 25, 2014
Modular furniture pieces are designed with customization in mind. These bold examples are both aesthetically pleasing and functional for users, varying from space-saving storage solutions to fragmented sofa furnishings that can be arranged in a myriad of ways. Modern design innovations have made small spaces a more popular living option for many who cannot afford a larger residential unit.

Moreover, this fad is also a result of busier and over-populated urban centers that are calling for smaller living spaces when designing new condos or high-rise buildings. Resolving the dilemmas often associated with small spaces, these modular furniture designs allow users to customize them according to their preference and vision.

This adds an element of convenience to the pieces that can often be taken apart, rearranged or transformed to perform a multitude of functions.

From Space-Saving Storage to Fragmented Seating Concepts: