The Star Trek Door Chime is Perfect for any Interstellar Abode

 - Feb 5, 2013
References: shutupandtakemymoney
Fans of the classic sci-fi TV series are sure to go crazy for the Star Trek door chime that emulates the design of the original show's intercom system. Forever associated with the famous line "Beam me up, Scottie", Star Trek is not so much a cult classic as it is a full-on obsession for many fans who ascribe to the Trekkie label.

The Star Trek door chime looks identical to the intercom system that was aboard the Starship Enterprise that traveled the galaxy in search of adventure. Trekkies and fans of retro design alike are sure to love the working device that is able to seamlessly replace any doorbell.

Be warned; after installing the Star Trek door chime, you might be asked to beam people in more than you may anticipate.