The Spoke Back Sofa Brings Quirky Antique Tastes to a Modern Market

 - Mar 12, 2014
References: store.mjolk
It might be hard to believe that the idea for the Spoke Back Sofa was originally dreamed up by Borge Mogensen in the mid-20th century. Its quite upright posture might give its era away; however, the convertible aspect comes off as characteristic of an imaginative and relaxed invention of perhaps 50 years later.

Mjölk now sells a fresh model of the retro item that's made in Denmark. The transformative sofa comprises a sturdy six-footed frame in either solid oak or beech wood with minimally turned detailing. Five high posts keep the backrests in their erect positions; however, they also serve to support their conversion into reclining cushioned panels. Knotted leather straps are the beautiful low-tech solution to setting the angles of the Spoke Back Sofa for a lovely tactile means of adjustment.