Roll & Hill Woody Endless by Jason Miller is Inspired by the 1970s

 - Nov 21, 2013
References: rollandhill & uncrate
Roll & Hill Woody Endless is a light fixture that plays between old and new. While its long length and wooden detailing has a retro feel to it, specifically bringing up images of '70s decor, the tubular shape and use of LEDs is definitely modern. By balancing between the two, it plays with traditional and contemporary design in a sophisticated and sleek way.

Designed by Jason Miller, the Roll & Hill Woody Endless ceiling lamp is made out of aluminum, acrylic and, of course, wood. It provides a strong glow that would light up any living space beautifully. Priced at a cool $4,800, it is a modular light fixture that consists of three units. The 'endless' part of its name essentially refers to the fact that it can be expanded to suit individual needs.