From Circular Modular Lighting to Reflective Disc Lamp Shades

 - Sep 27, 2015
Customization is growing in popularity in the design world with things like modular lighting in the home decor industry. The reason modular designs are gaining such interest is because they provide convenience, personalization and they make products more economic.

Something like Plumen's DropHat lamps for example, do all three of these things -- allowing users to update the look of their lamps with various shades while keeping the same light fixtures and bulbs. This means that to personalize the product and alter its design, an entirely new product doesn't have to be purchased.

Another great example of modular lighting is the Fantasia lamp. A legless light that can either be perched as is on a desk or table while also having the capability of being hung, provides a great product that can be adapted to different settings.