The Eye8 Light is an Octuple Source of Multidirectional Rays

 - Nov 13, 2013
References: naolab & mocoloco
A single room might be used for a variety of different activities and an adaptable lighting system would certainly come in handy. The Eye16 and the Eye8 Lights offer users the ability to change the atmosphere of a space by altering the intensity and the focus of the beams.

Tim Richter's designs are like dials with circular cores and eight inset lightbulbs each. The LED lights are installed on individual axes that enable you to reorient them to create diffuse or direct luminescent effects. The Naolab Eye8 wall light can be rotated 360 degrees for great freedom; meanwhile, the Eye16 has an adjustable frame that make it a supported or a freestanding light fixture. In addition to being futuristic and flexible, these illuminators boast a bulb lifespan of a brilliant 50,000 hours.