The Desio Couch by Vitor Xavier Whimsically Suggests Weight

 - Aug 8, 2011
Furniture footings are practically employed as a means to elevate seats and surfaces for functional and aesthetic reasons, though few creative designers have bothered to make a comment on the presence of such components. The Desio Couch by Vitor Xavier is no ground-breaking concept sofa, yet it playfully focuses one's attention on the supports that keep it rooted.

Solid material is generally used to create these elements, whether from wood or from metal. Interestingly, this creative intentionally suggests substantial space in the void of these rigid frame footings. The slender geometric forms that make up these constituents at the base of the three chesterfields are sturdy enough to hold the weight of the sitter, yet they mischievously make the Desio Couch by Vitor Xavier look light and heavy simultaneously.