- Oct 31, 2013
Chances are that those who have a desire to constantly change the look of their living room have already come across one or two of the couches found among all of these modular sofas. These sofas are all designed to be changed at a moment's notice and with little effort. Said changes can be big or small (it depends on the designer) and can completely change the form and function of the furnishing.

Gone are the days when a couch, bed, table, chair etc... only had one look for its entire existence. Nowadays, consumers demand the ability to customize their furniture, and designers have responded in kind. These modular sofas may not be the norm just yet, but there's a great chance that the living room of the not-so-distant future will be decked out with a re-configurable couch.

From Cheerful Modular Couches to Slithering Modular Sofas: