The Hill Sofa by Esteban Gives an Interior Topography

 - Jul 18, 2011
References: estebandesign & designspotter
If you find yourself unsatisfied amidst a rigid ceiling and four flat walls, the Hill Sofa by Esteban can promise to perk up the interior aesthetic of your surroundings. Despite the way that it reduces the concept of a couch down to a single uniform surface, this compelling piece of furniture does in fact challenge the space that it occupies.

The Furniture Design Market of Norway manufactures this undulating day bed as modular square pads measuring 1 meter in length by 1 meter in width. The thickness of each cushion is roughly 20 centimeters, but unexpected formal elements greatly alter the otherwise rigidly geometric objects.

A single swelling bump in every section affords a lighthearted form unique to the Hill Sofa by Esteban. Improving the piece's practicality, such soft bulges actually make ideal pillows or protuberance that support reclining postures.