The Companion Rack by Gavin Coyle Embodies Canine Commitment

 - Nov 6, 2011
References: gavincoyle & designboom
Especially if your pooch hasn't been trained to collect and deliver the daily news directly to you, this Companion Rack by Gavin Coyle acts as the ideal sitting room sidekick. The lovable wireframe magazine stand takes the form of a generic dog, complete with a head, four feet and a hint of a tail.

The canine's body has been designed to hold several volumes, from hardcovers and paperbacks to mags to newspapers. A playful addition to the otherwise simple outline of the piece is the incorporation of a closed circular loop found at the mouth of the mongrel. This provides a perfect place to store a scroll of rolled papers.

Cute and iconic without becoming kitschy, the Companion Rack by Gavin Coyle brings a bit of fun and some friendly puppy-like personality to the room in which it sits.

Photo Credits: designboom| gavincoyle