Aveve Product 001 Solves for Stovetop Messes and Melted Utensils

 - Nov 4, 2011
References: behance.net
Cooking is a messy activity no matter how you slice it, and in addition to the dishes you might find that you often deliberately dirty the kitchen counter.

The Aveve Product 001 offers home chefs a small but significant solution to how to set down your mixing implement without soiling your stovetop or working surface. It is quite simply a spoon holder, but anyone who cooks would certainly crave one.

Mathieu Baele collaborated on the project with an Isabelle, Natalia, Maarten and Magali to computer model and tangibly mold the final product. It takes the form of a small ball with one notch to hook it onto the rim of a pot and a keyhole opening for the insertion of a stirring spoon. The Aveve Product 001 makes cooking cleaner and prevents the loss of your utensil into the saucepan.