The Gold Pan by Modik Estudio Accommodates Two Dishes

 - Oct 15, 2011
Even a simple dinner for two can proliferated into a multi-dish feast requiring every pot and saucepan you've got for reinforcement. The Gold Pan by Modik Estudio offers to do its part in such situations, by providing the means to cook two different elements of a meal within the very same vessel.

The basic form that this object takes mimics that of a standard skillet, as a shallow, broad and round pan with a long handle. Where it differs is in its pie-cut compartmentalizing, offering a divider that separates one portion of supper from another. This way, flavors will not be allowed to mix and the frying pan even offers different material thicknesses for different temperatures in each section. Instead of requiring two small pots to prepare two independent dishes, the Gold Pan by Modik Estudio lets you do it all in one.