- Nov 3, 2013
America's most popular holiday is at the end of this month and there is no better way to get prepared than with these Thanksgiving dessert-related items. The classic holiday dessert is pumpkin and apple pie; these two dishes have been a staple of the end of meal ritual for decades.

The two items, however, are now available in a wide range of alternatives. From cookies to chips and even vodka, the two pie flavors have been seriously transformed into products often outside the food industry.

If you or someone who know is particularly hooked on pumpkin pie, the pumpkin pie earrings might appeal to you. You could have two slices of the festive dessert dangling from your ears -- talk about a statement.

For inspiration or to simply satiate your curiosity, check out these Thanksgiving dessert-related items!

Indulge in These Classic Thanksgiving Dessert Related Items and Recipes: