Garrett Heath's Pi-Shaped Pie Pan Lets Math Lovers Create Physical Pi

 - Aug 15, 2013
References: kickstarter & lostateminor
Dessert lover Garrett Heath has found a way to successfully combine sweets with numbers with his new Pi-Shaped pie pans.

These pans are awesomely punny, as they are used to bake pies, while being shaped like the numerical figure Pi. Pi, which is known as a mathematical constant with near infinite decimals, beginning with 3.14, has been the butt of a ton of dessert-related jokes due to its name. Heath has worked off of these running jokes in creating his Pi-shaped pie pans.

Not only do these pie pans create delicious desserts, but their pi shape, with its cool, flowing swirls, makes for some really interesting creations. With pies made from these pans, bakers will definitely be the topic of conversation at a ton of pot lucks, dinner parties, and, of course, mathematician get-togethers.