The MENU Steam Stacker Tower Prepares a Three-Course Meal

Convenience in cooking needs not be accompanied by microwave-ready frozen meals, but in crockery sets like the MENU Steam Stacker Tower. Designed by Christian Bjorn with the help of chef Morten Koster, the set is complete with three bowls and two plates, allowing several different recipes to be prepared one on top of the other.

Great for steaming vegetables, softening nuts and cooking rice, pasta and soup, this culinary collection is oven-safe and made from a sturdy porcelain. Two of the bowls are perforated with holes on the base, while a third is ideal for dishes that require liquid retention. The plates can be used as lids and coasters, ensuring that you have every necessary vessel for your food preparation. The MENU Steam Stacker Tower is compact and convenient in use, as well as in storage.