Nukit Portable Steamer Serves Up Healthy Lunch On the Go

 - May 14, 2011
References: quirky & 7gadgets
It's hard to get into the habit of bringing homemade lunch to work, but the Nukit Portable Steamer makes it easy, economical, healthy and delicious.

Essentially a snack container, the product is composed of a glass bowl, a silicone casing, strap and strainer, and a lid with a fork and knife stuck inside. The purpose of such an object with several different parts is to simplify an otherwise complicated task -- at least steaming vegetables can be quite cumbersome the moment you leave your own kitchen. The Nukit Portable Steamer is dishwasher-safe, BPA-free and conceived by Cathy Wilson with Quirky Design to cook anything from pasta and rice to brocoli, beans and carrots in the microwave, acting as a trivet, a tray, a bowl and a transporter for eating out of the house.