The Koziol Meeting Point Set is a Spatula Social Circle

 - Dec 11, 2011
If there is a way to make everyday objects fun without detracting from their functionality, why should such items remain boring looking? The Koziol Meeting Point Set is great for budding bakers and chefs, adding a whimsical air to a kitchen's accessories and the act of cooking.

A collection of stirring spoons, spatulas, flippers and straining ladles have been sculpted in food-safe plastic to take on anthropomorphic appearances. Each has the standard long handle for use in deep saucepans and a head shaped for specific culinary tasks. Of course, these have been enhanced with cutout eyes and mouths that give the cutlery personality.

A peculiar red stand and suctioned hooks produce tiny tongues on which to hang the animated pieces from the Koziol Meeting Point Set. Each mixing spoon takes on a playful three dimensionality when it's placed neatly away.