The Pinch Pasta Tongs Help to Portion and Prepare Your Meal

 - Jul 14, 2012
References: quirky
Unless you've got your serving-size spaghetti grip down to a fine art, the Pinch Pasta Tongs would prove to be a huge help when you're trying to determine how much put in your boiling pot. The tricky type of pasta cannot be gauged in a measuring cup, nor ideally appreciated on a kitchen weigh scale, but who would have thought that an implement like this would do the job?

Well, clearly somebody did because Quirky will soon be manufacturing this handy culinary utensil. To establish serving sizes, simply turn the Pinch Pasta Tongs tips-down to for access to its springy metal end. Balance a bunch of fettuccine in the U-shaped cradle and look at the subtle marked lines up the side that indicate what constitutes a portion.