Kloken Locking Food Container Helps Cut Down on Dirty Dishes

 - Nov 4, 2011
References: behance.net
Plastic containers are undoubtedly an ecological step up from zip-lock bags and aluminum foil wrapping when it comes to sealing last night's leftovers. Unfortunately, since most sets are made from plastic the user must dirty another dish in order to heat up his meal.

The Kloken Locking Food Container succeeded as a submission for the iF Product Design Award 2011, in part because it can be safely and easily used in the microwave. In Matt Day's clean renderings the dish looks as though it's made of glass, but Tritan copolyester is its material which is durable and BPA-free.

Paired with a four-sided snapping lid that seals freshness in, the smooth square bowl plays its part well as a classic kitchen dish. The Kloken Locking Food Container is targeted primarily at Asian consumers and strives to satisfy the theme of "preservation meets presentation."