From App-Connected Cookers to Smartphone-Controlled Ovens

 - Sep 14, 2015
With everyday objects undergoing smart makeovers, these Wi-Fi enabled kitchen appliances should come as no surprise. From smartphone-controlling kettles to app-connected cookers, these products keep your kitchen hi-tech.

The iKettle is the world's first Wi-Fi-friendly water cooker. Just like the Arist Home Coffee Maker, this kettle connects to your iPhone and allows you to control it from anywhere in your home. Wastebaskets have also been given the hi-tech treatment; the iBasket works as a place to store dirty tablecloths while also working as washing machine that cleans and dries them before notifying you of a job well done.

These Wi-Fi enabled kitchen appliances also include smartphone-controlled ovens. While the AGA iTotal Oven runs off a SIM card, the June Intelligent Oven can be operated directly from your smartphone.