The ChefSteps 'Joule' is Designed to Make Perfect Meals Easier Than Ever

 - Nov 26, 2015
References: chefsteps & homecrux
Those who are avid participants in sous-vide cooking will find the ChefSteps 'Joule' to be one of the easiest ways to keep track of your meal. For those who aren't familiar, sous-vide cooking is the act of placing meal contents in an airtight bag and placed in a temperature-controlled bath of water, which helps to ensure the food maintains flavor and moisture perfectly.

The ChefSteps 'Joule' is WiFi-enabled and will allow cooks to keep track of the temperature of the water and how long until it is done. The automated nature of the ChefSteps 'Joule' allows it to be submerged straight into the pot and let you know the details of what's happening during the entire sous-vide cooking process.