The New Dishwasher from GE Appliances Orders Detergent On Its Own

 - Oct 11, 2016
References: products.geappliances & digitaltrends
GE Appliances' new line of dishwashers make the kitchen machine even more convenient than it already is. Before the advent of the dishwasher, post-prandial clean up was laborious, but the dishwashers made it as simple as pressing a button. Now, the dishwashers from GE Appliances are even smarter, with internet connectivity that lets them do things like ordering detergent on their own.

Considering that even the most basic dishwasher is effectively a dish-washing robot, it makes sense that GE Appliances has made their line of dishwashers smarter. The machines are able to detect when they're running low on detergent and automatically place an order for more detergent through Amazon Prime. This means that, by the time the machine actually runs out of detergent, there will already be a new bottle in the mailbox.