The TIM3 MACHIN3 Helps Prep Meals Faster With Pre-Programmed Settings

 - Sep 16, 2015
References: get3squares & blessthisstuff
The TIM3 MACHIN3 slow cooker is a new wave of tech-integrated appliances that are designed to make cooking simpler and more intuitive thanks to pre-programmed settings that are customizable to your lifestyle and eating habits. This slow cooker conveniently can begin to warm up, make meals and even cook multiple food items faster thanks to a variety of smart features.

If you're someone that doesn't have the time, energy or the patience to cook over a stove, a slow cooker might be an ideal appliance to own to help ensure you enjoy wholesome meals in a time-saving way. The TIM3 MACHIN3 offers a digital display and a variety of modes to help cook foods in a variety of styles. For example, you can steam, toast and even cook multiple foods at once in the same pot thanks to the various compartments. Another neat feature is you can program the appliance to start cooking while you aren't in the vicinity.