This Folded Scrubber Lets You More Easily Wash the Fine Edges of Crockery

 - Mar 20, 2015
References: & yankodesign
Introducing the Folded Dish Sponge! It isn't groundbreaking technology or some fancy new kitchen appliance, but the concept behind it is strong, and the application affords efficiency and convenience. Modeled on the standard dishwashing aid, this one has been shaped only slightly differently in a way that greatly enhances its functionality.

Yoon Naera reworked the yellow foam material into a U shape, adhering green rough scrubbing pads to the inside of the slot, as well as to one of the external sides. The result is a dish sponge that can be gripped around the edges of plates, bowls and cups, eliminating the user's need to manually fold the washer. This product highlights that even the most mundane objects around the home can benefit from design attention and reinvention.